About Me

I am James Jamal Thomas, an electrical engineering PhD candidate at the Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech).

As an electrical engineer, I am interested in how power electronics can be integrated into power system operation in a practical and beneficial way. Typically, cutting edge power electronic devices do not make it to implementation in power systems because they are too specialized, and system operators are not confident with the reliability of these new devices. My work focuses on modifying power system operation algorithms to incorporate power electronics control so that simulations can be conducted, and the benefits of new power electronics devices can be properly examined.

In the future, I want to become a tenured professor at a university. I am considering going straight back into academia after completion of my PhD, orĀ getting hands-on experience working in the power industry. I believe industry experience will enhance my ability as a professor to teach students from a more holistic perspective and to conduct research that is highly applicable to the power industry.

Outside of my career, I enjoy running, backcountry hiking, and playing video games.